Fire Ants: Palm Beach County’s Painful Pest

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Fire Ants: Palm Beach County’s Painful Pest

Just like alligators and snakes, fire ants are a resident pest of Palm Beach County. If you live here, you have more than likely had your fair share of experiences with these painful insects. Their mounds can destroy your yard and cause painful stings to you, your children and your pets. If you are a Palm Beach County resident or business owner, East Coast Sprayers can help you understand fire ants and use our insect control expertise to eradicate them from your property!

Where Do Fire Ants Live?

Fire ants are most prominent in the warm climate areas of the southern United States and are found throughout the entire state of Florida. Due to their social nature, you can usually find colonies of fire ant mounds in open, sunny areas such as:

  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Lawns
  • Fields/meadows
  • Golf courses
  • Pastures
  • Wildlife areas
  • Agricultural land

Sometimes they may be spotted by a building, near the base of a tree, or between sidewalks, which provide a safe, dry location for their queen and her offspring.

Fire Ant Stings and Reactions

It’s easy to identify a fire ant by it’s sting, although we do not recommend this method! Fire ants are notoriously aggressive; their stings inject venom into your skin that can cause instant, intense pain. The pain will quickly turn into extreme itching and irritation that can last for days. One step into a fire ant mound can trigger groups to swarm and attack, which is why stings tend to appear in clusters. One fire ant will sting multiple times until dislodged or killed. The stings will produce fluid-filled blisters, similar in appearance to pimples, and could cause the affected area to swell.

How Do You Control Fire Ants?

Fire ants in Palm Beach County are inevitable. However, the professionals at East Coast Sprayers are experts in treating residential and commercial properties for fire ants. Our vast knowledge on eradication methods, as well as preventative treatments, can help you enjoy your lawn without fear. Contact us today for a FREE evaluation of your fire ant infestation and let us help you be fire ant free!

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