Going Green: 5 Huge Benefits of Hiring a Tree and Shrub Care Service

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Going Green: 5 Huge Benefits of Hiring a Tree and Shrub Care Service

Each year, people spend almost $500 million collectively on tree care.

Clearly, tree care services are in serious demand. “But”, I hear you proclaim, “looking after my trees and shrubs isn’t so hard.” Although looking after your plants doesn’t seem that tough, there is actually a lot more involved than you would imagine. Tree care specialists can be a real lifesaver.

Read on for why you should consider a tree care service.

1. Specialized Care

Different tree and shrub varieties have different maintenance requirements. Proper technique and knowledge can only come after years of experience. If you don’t know what you’re doing it is easy to do more harm than good.

A specialist will know which trees are best pruned after blooming or in the late winter, for example. They will know which trees need to be cut back slowly and which need more vigorous trimming.

This expertise will meet your trees and shrubs’ specialized needs. This will allow your trees and shrubs to grow stronger and more beautiful.

2. Valuable Advice

Care requirements vary depending on the species and type of tree as well as the quality of soil in your area and amount of rainfall. Once a professional sees your plants and their growing conditions, they can tailor expert advice to best care for them individually. For example, they can recommend one fertilizer for one tree, and a different one for another. Or, they may recommend mulching for some trees but not others.

If you are having issues with one tree in particular or a group, you can discuss this and get personalized advice.

3. Spotting Disease

Various diseases can take over your plants if not caught and treated early. To the average eye, early signs like little cankers, or spots under leaves, may go unnoticed.

Professionals are trained to identify these early signs. They can tell the difference between serious and minor diseases from the early stages. Your arborist can correctly diagnose your tree so thalife-saving treatment can take place.

4. Equipment

Your tree care provider will have the right tools for any job, whether that is removing a damaged limb or performing a basic trim. Having the right tools mean there is less risk of damage to your plants and property.

Professional tools are expensive. Incremental borers can be over $200 alone! As they have the own equipment, hiring a specialist can save you money in the long run. You don’t need to worry about buying and storing your own.

5. Safety

Tree surgery comes with its dangers, especially when trimming down large limbs. It can also be difficult to identify problem trees and how to deal with them if you don’t know what to look for.

Certified arborists have trained in safety techniques to reduce risk. Their equipment includes items like harnesses to allow safe access to taller branches with no ladder access.

Find Reputable Tree Care Today

As you can see, a tree care service brings some real benefits.

Whether they are providing tips on how to best look after your plants, tackling issues the right way or even just bringing their own equipment, a tree care service is always worth it.

If you are looking for a tree care service, then contact us at East Coast Sprayers. We have been looking after landscapes for over 35 years and would be happy to design a tree and shrub care program catered to your needs.

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