How to Control Dollarweed in Palm Beach County

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How to Control Dollarweed in Palm Beach County

As a resident of Palm Beach County, you have more than likely had an experience with dollarweed in your lawn. With the heavy rains leading us into summer, you are bound to find this water-loving weed popping up in your yard, ruining the beautiful curb appeal you’ve worked so hard to have. So what is dollarweed and how can you control it? East Coast Sprayers has some easy tips to keep your lawn weed free!

What is Dollarweed?

Dollarweed is a type of warm-season perennial weed that appears in areas with excessive moisture (hence why it loves to grow in Palm Beach County!). It is a fast spreading weed that can quickly overpower your landscape, causing extreme destruction if left unmanaged. Dollarweed is silver dollar shaped, which gives it its name. The leaves are a round, lily pad shape and are bright green in color.

How Can I Control Dollarweed?

If you have dollarweed in your yard, don’t think about eradication. Your best bet is controlling the weed infestation and removing the issues that cause it to grow. Here are our tips on taking back control of your yard:

  1. First, reduce your irrigation or watering frequency. Dollarweed thrives in overly wet areas, and since it can float, it can’t drown! The rule of thumb should always be 1 inch of water a week for optimal growth in your plants and lawn.
  2. Keep your grass a little longer. Dollarweed is especially fond of thin, week grass. Cutting your grass too short can expose your lawn to thinning, making it susceptible to infestation.
  3. Properly mulch your landscape beds. Keeping the mulch around your shrubs, flowers, and trees at a 3 in thickness to keep the dollarweed from growing.
  4. Finally, if all other steps do not prevail, East Coast Sprayers recommends applying a herbicide weed control method. Herbicides should be chosen specifically for your type of grass and season.

East Coast Sprayers Can Help Control Dollarweed

If you are struggling to control the dollarweed in your Palm Beach County yard, it may be time for some professional help. We can advise you on at-home control methods and develop a weed control program targeted for your lawn. Contact us today and let us help you get rid of this pesky weed for good!

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