How To Control Take-All Root Rot in the Summer

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How To Control Take-All Root Rot in the Summer

Summer is here in Palm Beach County! It’s time to start spending more time outdoors, having barbeques and enjoying our backyards with friends and family. However, there is a fungus lurking in your yard that can bring those backyard plans to squealing halt. Take-all root rot is an extremely destructive root fungus disease that can be found invading St. Augustine, Bermuda, zoysia, and centipede grasses across South Florida. With proper lawn fertilization and care, you can have your grass looking pristine all summer long.

Signs and Causes of Take-All Root Rot

First, the signs of take-all root rot will come in the spring and summer. Your lawn will start to yellow in patches in areas with high sunlight. As the disease progresses, the patches will continue to grow irregularly and the grass will thin out until it dies. You may see weeds growing in the dead areas as an indication that the root rot has severely weakened the root system allowing weeds to take their place. The leaves of your grass typically will not have damage, but the roots will be rotten in a black or dark brown color.

The causes of take-all root rot can vary. The pros at East Coast Spayers can pinpoint it back to a few common mistakes:

  • Heavy rains in the spring and summer
  • Nutrient deficiencies in your soil
  • Heavy lime application
  • Fertilizing with too much nitrate

Professional Take-All Root Rot Treatment

Any lawn disease or fungus can be difficult to eradicate on your own. The experts at East Coast Sprayers can quickly diagnose your lawn and form a treatment plan to prevent and alleviate the lawn disease at your Palm Beach County residence. Providing your turf with custom lawn fertilization will give it the nutrients, nitrates, and care it needs to thrive. Contact us today for a free evaluation and get your property looking beautiful for summer.

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