How to Keep Your Palm Trees Healthy in Palm Beach County

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How to Keep Your Palm Trees Healthy in Palm Beach County

Look around – everywhere you see are beautiful, tropical palm trees. While we consider palm trees as a “natural” landscape plant in Palm Beach County, you may be surprised to learn that most species are not native to Florida. This is why proper fertilization and palm root feeding maintenance is vital to the health of your palm trees.

Why Should I Feed My Palm Trees?

Palm trees require proper soil, nutrients, and micronutrients in order to flourish. Since most are not native to Palm Beach County, our soil doesn’t provide them with the nutrients that they need (remember: our sandy beaches are not a soil). The ideal diet of a palm tree consists of nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, manganese, and iron. We supply the palm tree root systems with the proper blend of fertilizers and nutrients, drenched or injected deep below the surface of the soil. Even native species can benefit from palm tree root feedings – it helps them continue to grow and build their resistance to pests and disease.

Tips For Proper Palm Tree Care

  1. Avoid puncturing or damaging the trunk of your palm trees in order to avoid disease. Screws and nails should never be in your tree trunk and even a string from a weed trimmer can cause damage.
  2. Feed your roots twice a year. The professionals at East Coast Sprayers can drench or inject the vital nutrients your palm trees need deep down into the roots.
  3. It’s best to keep 2-6 inches of mulch around your palm tree’s trunk to prevent the spread of diseases.
  4. Be careful with your watering. During the summer, you should water in the early morning or late afternoon. You can water earlier in the morning during our winter months.
  5. Soil is key. Proper soil keeps moisture and nutrients in place. Don’t use soils with added fertilizer. Peat moss is a great option if it’s available.

Palm Tree Root Feeding Help

Just like you, we at East Coast Sprayers love our palm trees and want to make sure yours are kept healthy and beautiful. Our palm root feeding program can help maintain your tropical landscape and keep it looking its best year round. We offer additional services to maintain your palm trees including pesticide and fungicide treatments. Contact East Coast Sprayers today for a free estimate and customized program plan.

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