How to Prevent Dog Urine From Killing Your Lawn

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How to Prevent Dog Urine From Killing Your Lawn

Pets are amazing additions to the family, especially dogs. It’s fun to watch them frolic around in the grass playing with their favorite toy.

But did you know letting a dog use the yard as a potty could wreak havoc on your lawn? It’s true. Those brown spots on your once beautiful, green grass are from doggie urine.

Dog urination burns grass. It’s loaded with nitrogen, which when it’s too high can affect the health of your grass.

Other factors matter as well, like the pH levels in the dog’s urine. A normal pH for a dog’s excretion is between 6.6 and 7.0.

Anything outside of this range means the pH in the urine is acidic, which will burn the grass. But you can get all this under control and protect the health of your grass.

If your dog or neighborhood dogs are doing a number on your grass, don’t fret. It’s not the end for your yard. Here are a few ways on how to prevent pet urine from killing grass.

How to Prevent Pet Urine from Killing Grass

You’ve probably given up all hope that your grass is going to grow back. It’s rained a hundred times and gotten plenty of sunshine, but those brown spots won’t grow away.

You can manage this problem with plenty of water, the right fertilizer, and adding training.

Fertilize Right

Three compounds make up fertilizer: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium–nitrogen being the key ingredient. Too much of it will damage your lawn.

Applying excessive fertilizer to your grass increases the nitrogen and salt levels. Add dog urine–which contains concentrated nitrogen–and you have the perfect recipe to kill grass.

Cut back on applying fertilizer in areas where your dog urinates. Or forgo fertilizing on your own. Contact a professional to have a professional grade of fertilizer applied to your grass.

The right amount of fertilizer helps your grass stay green and healthy.

Rinse with Water

Dogs relieve themselves without warning sometimes. One minute they’re playing and the next they’re going on the grass.

Add a spray nozzle to the end of your hose. Use it to spray the spots where your dog urinates. Diluting the urine puddles with water reduces the amount of nitrogen the lawn absorbs.

If additional water usage worries you, let your dog roam the yard a half hour before the sprinklers come on. That way, if he or she urines, the water from the sprinklers will dilute the urine.

Additional Training

Designate a potty area in the yard, then train your dog to go in that area only.

Keep the area free of debris and teach the dog to go on command. When you let him out, take him to that one spot and don’t let home leave until he relieves himself.

Use a non-toxic pheromone pee post. The smell from the stake will attract your dog and encourage him to eliminate in that spot only. Remember to reward him.

Lawn Repair Treatment

When all else fails, apply a lawn repair treatment that’s safe for dogs. Most pet-safe treatments contain organic enzymes that absorb nitrogen in dog urine.

Lawn repair treatments stop lawn burn and begin to repair the grass.

Keep your Lawn Healthy

These tips on how to prevent pet urine from killing grass are practical ways for keeping your grass healthy.

Consider them and others, but always enlist the help of a professional if you’re ever unsure.

Contact us today or take a look at some of the services we offer for more ways to get your yard looking great again.

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