Identifying Mole Crickets in Your South Florida Lawn

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Identifying Mole Crickets in Your South Florida Lawn

Spring is on it’s way in South Florida and as a homeowner, you’re probably concerned about the damaging effects mole crickets can have on your lawn. As the mole cricket burrows and feeds on the roots of your lawn, you will notice your grass becoming patchy, brown and eventually dying. At East Coast Sprayers, we have some helpful tips on identifying the mole cricket and ways to protect your turf from this sub-surface pest.

Identifying Mole Crickets

A mole cricket is one of the strangest insects you’ll ever uncover. This burrowing bug looks exactly like it’s name; a cross between a cricket body and a mole with its clawed front legs designed for tunneling. They can grow to 1-2 inches long as a full sized adult. Nymph mole crickets are smaller and can vary in size depending upon their life stage. They are gray-brown and will only have wings once their reach adulthood.

You may have a mole cricket infestation if your lawn has the following:

  1. small mounds of soil
  2. patches of brown or dead turf

If you want to check for mole crickets in your lawn, the best time is at night since they are nocturnal pests. Fill a bucket with soapy water and pour over 2 square feet where you suspect the mole cricket infestation lives. If you have 2-4 crickets pop up from the soil within a few minutes, it’s time get insect control help.

Mole Cricket Treatment

Powerful control of a mole cricket infestation is all about timing; specifically on the current season and life stage of the pest. Getting professional help for treatment is key.

East Coast Sprayers knows the ins and outs of a mole cricket infestation in Palm Beach County. We can inspect, identify, and tailor a treatment plan specifically to your turf’s needs. If you want to get rid of those pesky mole crickets FAST, contact East Coast Sprayers today!

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