Palm Root Feeding Palm Beach County


Are Your Palm Trees Being Properly Fed?

Tall and stately coconut and royal palm trees are the pride and joy of numerous landscapes in and around Palm Beach County, Florida. But like any tree, they require experienced care and maintenance to help prevent disease and insect infestation that can cause them to become disfigured and even dead. To eliminate the cost of removing and replacing sick or dying palm trees on your property, it’s a smart idea to invest in the Palm Root Feeding services offered by East Coast Sprayers.

Why Fertilize Palm Roots?

Palm tree roots need extra fertilization because, although they thrive in Palm Beach’s tropical climate, they are not native to the state. In order to survive and steadily grow and thrive, palm tree root systems need the proper blend of fertilizers, injected deep below the surface of the soil. The Palm Root Feeding program that East Coast Sprayers provides has proven effective at helping palm trees withstand the rigors of the annual hurricane season. Not only do trees that receive our specialized Palm Root Feeding service twice a year grow much more quickly, they also survive much longer, providing years of enjoyment to any residential or commercial landscape.

The Root Feeding Injection Process

East Coast Sprayers has vast professional experience caring for the health and safety of the Palm Beach County area’s majestic palm trees. Our team of certified technicians uses a long rod inserted deep into the ground at the base of each palm tree to supply the roots at multiple points with both fertilizer and micronutrients that help to prevent disease.

Full Range of Palm Tree Services

In addition to the all-important Palm Root Feeding service East Coast Sprayers provides your palm trees to keep them healthy and well nourished, our lawn and landscaping specialists also provide an array of other services. These include palm tree pesticide and fungicide treatments, in addition to overall care and maintenance programs customized to meet the needs of the specific varieties of palm trees growing on your property.

Protect Your Palm Tree Investments
Including palm trees in your landscaping scenario involves a major financial commitment. It makes good sense to ensure that those trees receive proper care and maintenance from experienced professionals like East Coast Sprayers. In addition to providing Palm Root Feeding, we are experienced at diagnosing palm tree issues such as disease and insect infestations before they deteriorate into major problems that involve having to remove and replace the trees. We can custom design regular treatment programs to give you peace of mind that your gorgeous, swaying palm trees will continue to stand strong, tall and healthy for years to come.