Tree & Shrub Care Palm Beach County


Maintaining Healthy Trees and Shrubs

If the landscaping of your Palm Beach County residential or business property is fortunate enough to house a variety of beautiful trees and shrubs, you want them to continue to look lush and beautiful year-in and year-out. But like any living thing, ornamental trees and shrubs need the right kind of care in order to remain vibrant and healthy. 

The same sub-tropical climate that makes Palm Beach such a great place to grow a variety of gorgeous vegetation also contributes to the proliferation of pests, insects and diseases that can disfigure or even destroy your landscape’s trees and shrubs. We invite you to consider the professional services of East Coast Sprayers, specialists in maintenance programs that help keep ornamental trees and shrubs disease-free and healthy. East Coast Sprayers has vast experience providing tree and shrub care to customers throughout the greater Palm Beach County, Florida area.

Regular Maintenance Programs

East Coast Sprayers can custom design a tree and shrub care program that meets your specific needs. Our ornamental tree and shrub maintenance programs cover every aspect of tree and shrub care, including applications of the right type of fertilizers and micro-nutrients, in addition to treatments using state of the art technology to control destructive fungus growth as well as eliminate harmful insects. 

Small Investment, Large Rewards

Investing in a tree and shrub care maintenance program provided by the professional experts at East Coast Sprayers represents a minimal expenditure compared with the cost of removing and replacing diseased trees and shrubs. A property that features well-maintained, healthy and vibrant ornamental trees and shrubs is one that continues to give enjoyment to residents and visitors alike. We know that Palm Beach County homeowners and business owners alike usually don’t have the time or expertise necessary to provide the quality of tree and shrub maintenance that we offer at East Coast Sprayers.

Prevent Tree and Shrub Disease

The sooner you put a residential or commercial tree and shrub maintenance program into place, the better you can keep your lawn and landscaping looking green and healthy. A regular maintenance program also greatly reduces the risk of your beautiful trees and shrubbery attracting insects or becoming diseased. Thousands of Palm Beach County area home and business owners have entrusted the care of their trees and shrubs to East Coast Sprayers, with outstanding results. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a complimentary consultation regarding tree and shrub care services guaranteed to keep your foliage and vegetation looking its best!