Weed Control Services Palm Beach County


Tired of fighting weeds on your commercial or residential property in Palm Beach County? Want to add eye-catching value and appeal through landscaping? Allow the experts at East Coast Sprayers to weed out your problems and solutions.

Professional weed control services by East Coast Sprayers

Whether residential or commercial, your lawn is an investment. Pristinely manicured lawns attract customers, signifies pride of ownership, helps deter unwanted wildlife from hiding out and destroying the lawn, and contributes to property value.

However, retaining a lush, vibrant, manicured, weed-free lawn requires a lot of work and hassle that many home and business owners simply don’t have the time or physical capabilities to routinely devote. The experts at East Coast Sprayers are here to remove that heavy burden from your shoulders and provide you with effective solutions for your Palm Beach County property.

A Package To Fit All Your Needs And Concerns

You’ll never find a one-size-fits all service at East Coast Sprayers. We understand that our valued customers have diverse needs and concerns when it comes to lawn care, and we have customized packaged to fill those needs:

Faster than slow-building organic options, but not as safe for the environment. Requires moderation to prevent soil decay. Most cost-effective option.

All natural chemicals that are no-harm. Safest option for children, pets and the environment. Sustainable, long-lasting results, but they require more time to take effect. Minimizes soil erosion and promotes soil nutrition.

A combination of organic and traditional chemicals to provide the efficiency of traditional weed killing with the increased safety of organic fertilizer.

What Types Of Weeds Can We Treat

We use proven techniques to provide post-emergent and pre-emergent weed control for a variety of different types of weeds, including:

  • Perennial Weeds – Examples of perennial weeds include dandelions, thistles, and daisies.
  • Annual Weeds – Examples of annuals include chickweed and groundsel.
  • Bulbil-Producing Weeds –  Examples of bulbil-producing weeds include Oxalis and buttercups.

East Coast Sprayers exclusively specializes in the Palm Beach area, enabling us to understand what types of weeds plague the area and how best to eradicate and proactively guard against each type quickly, safely, and effectively. Contact us today for an appointment and allow our professional service team to provide you with the solution for existing and future weed control issues on your residential or commercial lawn.