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Effective Solutions for Whitefly Problems

Whitefly infestations pose a serious problem to landscapes throughout the Palm Beach County region. Over 75 different species of whiteflies, which resemble white moths, make their home in South Florida. They feed on the nutrients of the area’s plants and trees by using their needle-nose mouth to penetrate leaf surfaces. This results in the leaves becoming yellowed and stunted, eventually causing the leaves to drop off the plant or tree. Severe cases of whitefly infestation can even lead to the death of trees and plants, requiring costly removal and replacements. East Coast Sprayers offers residential as well as commercial customers regular white fly treatments in order to better protect their beautiful vegetation.

White Fly Treatments - East Coast Sprayers
White Fly Infestation
Signs of Whitefly Infestation in Palm Beach County

Our team of experienced professionals at East Coast Sprayers want you to know the warning signs of whitefly infestation in the Palm Beaches. Look on the underside of tree and plant leaves. If you notice white spiral clusters and buildup of a white, waxy substance, you need to schedule immediate white fly treatments.

When looking over your garden or landscape vegetation, do you notice plants that have become disfigured and yellowed? This is a serious indicator that whiteflies have been feeding on your plants’ leaves. Is there a dark mold forming on leaves? This is caused by whiteflies leaving their excrement.

White Fly Treatment Programs

The lower leaves of older growth plants and trees provide the perfect breeding ground for whiteflies. These invasive creatures also like to feed on the new growth of trees and plants in Palm Beach County. East Coast Sprayers offers eco-friendly white fly treatments that employ state of the art technology to prevent future infestations.

The treatment programs we use to eliminate your property’s whitefly problem will not damage your plants or trees or cause holes in their leaves. Our treatments are applied by direct injection so there is never any danger of chemicals drifting across your property. Our white fly treatments are environmentally friendly, causing no harm to people, children or pets, yet providing a fast, affordable and effective solution to the problem of whitefly infestations.

Custom Whitefly Treatment
East Coast Sprayers understands that every client’s needs are different when it comes to eradicating damaging whiteflies. We custom design treatments that will prove most effective at saving your trees and plants from the devastation caused by whiteflies. Don’t delay! Call us today for a complimentary consultation regarding whitefly issues on your Palm Beach County property.