Spring is Here: Time to Fertilize in Palm Beach County

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Spring is Here: Time to Fertilize in Palm Beach County

Spring in Palm Beach County is a beautiful time of year, and the ideal time to consider lawn fertilization. Caring for your lawn and keeping it looking its best year round can be a challenge. South Florida weather can bring drought conditions and heavy rains, so knowing the right time to fertilize is vital to keeping your grass healthy and growing. That’s where East Coast Sprayers can help!

Why Fertilize My Lawn?

Every living thing needs essentials to survive, and your lawn is no different. You’re supplying it with water and the South Florida sun gives it plenty of light, but your grass needs food! Think of fertilizer as the best plant food for your lawn. Proper fertilization of your turf can provide deeper root growth, reduce weeds, and can protect your lawn from pests and environmental stress.

When is the Best Time to Fertilize in Palm Beach County?

Spring is when everything is blooming and plant life is most active. This is when your grass is actively growing and the optimal time to apply fertilizer. Fertilizing too early may not benefit your grass, as it isn’t able to absorb all the nutrients when it is dormant. Some areas of Palm Beach County have restrictions on fertilizing in the summer which means spring is your best chance at a healthy lawn. Don’t get caught with dead turf for those summer BBQ’s!

What Kind of Fertilizer Should I Use?

Using the right type (granular or liquid), mix and quantity of fertilizer (in additional to when you apply it) is extremely important to sustaining a beautiful lawn. Palm Beach County soil is typically high in phosphorus (one of the key ingredients in fertilizers); applying a fertilizer with too much or too little can cause damage to your lawn. The professionals at East Coast Sprayers will create a fertilizer program to keep your landscape green and healthy all year long, beyond the spring!

Trust the Pros to Fertilize Your Lawn

At the end of the day, it is always best to entrust a professional when it comes to your lawn and landscape. We are trained to know what your grass needs and when it needs it most. Contact East Coast Sprayers today to discuss your springtime lawn fertilization options and let us build a plan to suit your needs!

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