Tree and Shrub Care: The Palm Beach Edition

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Tree and Shrub Care: The Palm Beach Edition

Ornamental trees and shrubs give your home a vibrant and lush curb appeal. While these plants are a beautiful addition to your landscape, they require fertilization, pest control, and ongoing maintenance to maintain their health. If you are a homeowner in Palm Beach County, East Coast Sprayers can help you keep your trees and shrubs looking beautiful year round with some helpful tips.


Why do ornamental trees and shrubs need care?

Most of the ornamental trees and shrubs you see in your neighborhood are non-native plants, making their care very specific. Their natural environment (including soil, air quality, watering, temperature, etc.) can differ from our South Florida conditions. Providing these plants with proper fertilization and pest control will help them thrive on your property.


What care do trees and shrubs require?

Most of the ornamental trees and shrubs found in Palm Beach County require monthly care. Fertilization of your soil is crucial to maintaining a proper pH – giving your plants the best ability absorb nutrients and fight off disease. Applying both liquid and granular fertilizer can be the most effective way to feed your trees and shrubs.

We love living in Palm Beach County for its year long temperate weather, but that means pests are always around to wreak havoc on your landscaping. Monthly pest and insect control is necessary to keeping your trees and shrubs looking their best.

Our hot, humid South Florida climate creates the ideal environment for fungus to grow. A regular fungicide prevention program will help to keep away any harmful fungal diseases, keeping your trees and shrubs green and thriving!  


Tree and Shrub Maintenance Programs

Living in Palm Beach County, you want your home to look it’s best. Maintaining your landscape should always include tailored treatments for your trees and shrubs – that’s where East Coast Sprayers can help! Our experts will provide you with a tailored program to fit your property’s specific plant needs. Contact us today for a FREE evaluation of your home’s tree and shrubs and let us show you how beautiful your landscape can really be!

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