Tropical Sod Webworms in Palm Beach County, FL

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Tropical Sod Webworms in Palm Beach County, FL

As a Palm Beach County resident, your lawn is a vital part of your home’s curb appeal. Lush, green grass is every homeowner’s dream, but without professional insect control and lawn fertilization, this could be destroyed by a tiny little pest called a tropical sod webworm. East Coast Sprayers can help you identify this pest and control the infestation in your lawn.


What Are Tropical Sod Webworms?

Tropical sod webworms are found in Palm Beach year round and are most active from spring to fall. The tropical sod webworm is actually a larvae which uses your grass as a nest and feeding ground. While they prefer the delight of St. Augustine grass, the larvae have also been found to eat other grasses such as bermuda grass and zoysia grass. Tropical sod webworms are light green to gray-green, have dark spots on their body and can be up to 1 inch long.


How Do You Know You Have Tropical Sod Webworms?

If you notice damage to your lawn and want to determine if you have a tropical sod webworm infestation, here are a few tell-tale signs:

  1. Ragged areas of grass and brown patches with heavy chewing damage
  2. Silky web trail left throughout your grass which is highly visible with the morning dew
  3. Tropical sod webworm moths fluttering above the grass


Treatment for Tropical Sod Webworms

If you think your lawn is suffering from the damaging effects of tropical sod webworms, East Coast Sprayers is here to help! We will thoroughly inspect your lawn and customize a treatment plan. Treatment can include regular pest control, lawn fertilization, and overall maintenance plans to correct and prevent future damage from tropical sod webworms destroying your Palm Beach lawn. Contact us today to receive your free quote and customized treatment plan!

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