What is the Best Fertilizer for Palm Trees?

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What is the Best Fertilizer for Palm Trees?

Did you know, the tallest palm tree grew to be just under 200 feet tall?

Such a feat certainly required maintenance and a lot of sunlight! Are you growing your own palm trees? Then, you’ll know by now that your palm tree needs fertilizer to grow.

But, you may be wondering, what’s the best fertilizer for palm trees? In this article, we’ll help you figure out what you need to buy to ensure your palm tree reaches its full potential.

Types of Palm Trees

Did you know, there are 2,500 species of palm trees? They can be found all over the world, whether you’re in the rainforest or the desert. Many of these species can live to be over 100 years old.

Just a few popular palm tree species include:

  • Date palm – you’ll know this plant thanks to its sweet, delicious fruit.
  • Queen palm – this plant is native to South America but is now found all around the world.
  • Cocos nucifera – aka the coconut tree. It’s not the case that ALL palm trees proffer this tasty fruit but all coconuts do, in fact, come from palm trees.

It’ll take a long time to read through the 2,497 other palm tree species so we’ll spare you! Regardless of which species of palm tree you own, there are a few maintenance tips you should learn.

What Fertilizer is Best for Your Palm Tree?

If you’re new to growing these tropical plants, you may wonder why even fertilize your palm tree at all?

The answer is that many palm trees grow in soil which doesn’t have the needed requirements to keep the leaves of the tree looking lush and green. If your tree’s leaves are turning yellow, you’re not providing it with what it needs to grow.

It’s essential, when buying fertilizer, to choose something which is “slow-releasing”. Also, always check that the fertilizer you have chosen is specifically designed for use on palm trees.

Nutrients to look out for that your palm tree requires, include:

  • Nitrogen – this is essential and your plant needs a lot.
  • Potassium – same as above
  • Iron – not as much of this nutrient is required by your plant but it’s still useful.
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium

Unfortunately, due to these nutrients, it’s very difficult to make a fertilizer at home. Instead, invest in Palm Root Feeding services to ensure your palm trees are well looked after.

How to Care for Your Palm Tree

Before you choose to include palm trees in your landscaping, you should make sure that you’re up for the financial commitment.

As well as having to pay for twice-yearly Palm Root Feeding services to ensure your palm is healthy, you should also prune your trees regularly.

If you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s necessary to hire a professional. In trying to help your palm tree, you could do a lot more damage to it.

We provide care and maintenance programs and even pesticide and fungicide treatments.

Palm Trees are a Beautiful Investment

With the right treatment, your palm trees will stand tall and strong for up to a century.

Make sure you set your palm tree up for a long and healthy life by requesting a free quote for palm tree maintenance. We are available with a 24/7 service!

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